"The Biggest Mistake Your Competitors Are Making in a Slow Economy That's Costing Them $1,000's and How You Can Avoid Doing The Same."

Mike Leibowitz, the Managing Director of a National Remodeling Company Called Designer Garage, Headquartered in P.A. Gets His Exclusive Leads Through My Company. Listen to His Story; One Call, One Close...


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If You're Tired Of Sharing Contractor Leads, Chasing Dead End Customers, Wasting Money & Time, This Short Video May Interest You...


Now That You've Seen How Lead Aggregator Companies Encourage Customers to Take Money Out of Your Pocket, Learn What You Can do to Generate Your Own Exclusive Leads and Have Customers Calling You!

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  • Have no interest in separating you from your competition.

  • Have no interest in hearing about the amount of contractors that called your lead before you did.

  • Want you to compete on the basis of price; it's how they make their money and you lose yours.

  • Doesn't know how to, nor are they interested in, increasing your customer response rate (the amount of business you actually close). 

  • Can't produce fresh, exclusive, contractor leads because their business model is based on shopping your lead around.

  • Instead of showing you how to generate leads for yourself they discourage you from doing that because they know it would empower you, put you in control and put them out of the fleecing business.

  • Have absolutely no way of getting the customer to call you directly. Instead they would prefer that you chase the customer along with the other eight contractors they sold the same lead to.

  • Have no sales system in place to ensure that you maintain a positive, informative experience with your prospects, who don't make a decision to hire you today. So that when that client is ready to buy, you are first in line. 

  • Have no automation process.

  • Have no systemization.

  • Sharing contractor leads with your competitors.

  • No more haggling with customers who are getting 10 estimates before yours.

  • No more chasing customers to set up a time for an estimate.

  • No more worrying about when the next JOB is coming.

  • No more worrying about a good economy, bad economy or housing bubbles.

  • No more guessing whether an ad is working or not, or if you've been lied to.

  • No more long-term contracts with companies that don't perform.   (i.e.: Yellow Pages)

  • No more empty promises. 


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  • What it takes to make more money without spending more.

  • How to separate yourself from the competition so that prospects choose you immediately.

  • How to stop competing on price (this is huge alone).

  • How to increase your customer's response rate by up to ten (10) times. 

  • Marketing secrets that the leaders in your industry don't want you to know.

  • How to use a slow economy to get more jobs and increase sales.

  • How to get fresh and exclusive contractor leads tailored around your services.

  • Where to market your business to increase your closing ratio by 96%.

  • How to get customers calling you instead of you calling them, "Guaranteed."

  • How to "Guarantee" that you get the first call almost every time.

  • How to close seven (7) out of ten (10) estimates instead of three (3) out of ten (10), "Guaranteed".

  • How to guarantee repeat business and referrals.

  • How to duplicate this system and start the same thing in any city you want.

 Are you sick and tired of being taken for granted by lead aggregator companies?

    What I am about to share has always been available to you, you just did not know about it. As they say, "knowing is half the battle." 

    So I understand why up until know you have continued to accept the constant abuse of these third party lead generation companies, who promised to only distribute your lead to three contractors including yourself but somehow 8-10 contractors ended up with the lead you paid for.

    Or maybe you bought into the concept of some type of "exact match" but you had to build the website from a template given to you, as if you were a marketing expert and knew what to say and how to say it!

    I have not had one contractor say that they were disappointed with my information. 

  I know how you found me and I know why you are looking. You only need to ask yourself one question; 

  Are you open to hearing and learning something new?

   The Video I hope to send you today, I GUARANTEE will have information you will not hear from any lead aggregator companies that you may have used or may be thinking of using.

   The information that I want to release to you today, with your permission, is compelling, convincing, educational and totally transparent.

   To start learning about this you don't have to pay $1,000's to go to a seminar, take the day off from work, or go to a meeting during the evening when you want to relax after a hard days work. It's 100% FREE....

   To learn this, you only need to fill out the form and it will be sent to you immediately.  

    You can watch this informative video right now in the comfort of your home or office when you are ready; with absolutely no sales pressure from me.

    Fill out the form below because you have nothing to lose and everything to gain over your competitors!

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Find out how the most successful contractors in the business are making money in good & bad times.

  Call Now: 1-800-985-2749

Your video will include the following valuable lead generation information.

1.    The Power of Key Words and how your customer uses them to find your services everyday .

2.   Local Searches and using Geo’s in the keyword.

3.  How a small Geo Targeting tool can help you to concentrate on your local area with laser-like focus (POWERFUL)

4.  National Campaigns vs. Local Campaigns, which one applies to you? or do both apply?

5.  An example of websites that fail the test and ones that don’t. Does your site pass the test?

6. What is a call to action and why is it important.

7.  Sponsored Links - Instant gratification 

8.  Organic search - Long-term views with big traffic.

9.  How to know if there is demand for a product or service in your local market within 72 hours and how much exists.

10.  Keyword cost and auctions.

11.  Tracking and measuring - (HUGE)

12. Lead Capturing - Leave no money on the table.

13.  Call Recording - Train, Train, Train......

14.  Web traffic - How much is too much?

15.  Email - Real time leads

16.  Phone calls -  Real time calls

17.  Maps and market research

18. The secret lead generators use to generate the leads and shop them.

----------------------VERY IMPORTANT----------------------

If after watching the video you decide that you would like more information, please note that unlike lead aggregators WE WILL ONLY take on a limited amount of contractors in a specific geographic area.

    There are situations where we will only be able to take on one (1) contractor because the area being served has a lower population. 

    This type of marketing works best by offering a limited number of contractors access. 

---------------------VERY IMPORTANT----------------------

    Our mission is to make you the #1 Contractor       in your area.  

   If I have it my way, when we are done with your marketing program you will be the first choice provider of your services over your competition.

   We do this by a "NEW" systematic process that puts your business in front of the right buyers at the right time with the right articulated sales argument or message.  Then we duplicate this in every type of media that will bring us a measurable and trackable ROI.  Sounds easy but it's not...


 As you are reading this ask yourself this one question. How much money have you spent on advertising since you have been in business?


   How much money have you spent on perfecting your message?, making sure that when you spend your money on advertising that you are 100% on target and sure that it will generate loads of new business.

   Don't feel bad. 99% of my clients have never thought about it this way. I love to see the look on their faces when the light bulb goes off...

    Like you, they have spent thousands of dollars on the advertising media (yellow pages, newspapers, Direct mail, etc.) and not one dollar on the most important piece, their message. 

                                               Your Message

   Getting the right message at the right time in the minds of your potential customers and letting them know convincingly that you are the best choice on the market to provide the service they need is no easy task.  

   If done right, it makes the difference between no phone calls and a phone that doesn't stop ringing with pre-qualified new business.

My business model is completely opposite to the lead shoppers and aggregators.

   You may ask, "Kip, why would you do this and make less money?" and my answer would be that I don't. "I can work with contractors all over the country, so I do not need to work with 10 contractors in the same local area to be highly successful." 

    I work with Contractors that I feel comfortable communicating with, ones that I believe want to be the leading Contractor in their communities and ones that understand and value what I can do for them.  

       To see if you qualify and to find out the availability in your local market, fill out the form.

    To qualify, you need to be able to answer 19 questions, which are important to a successful campaign. 

For example:

  1. Do you have a contractor license, if needed?

  2. Is it current?

  3. Do you or have you had any complaints filed against you? etc.

   We wouldn't want to associate with anything that might be illegal, so we need to pre-screen to make sure all is well.

    If you need to speak to someone immediately, please call this toll free number: 1-800-985-2749.  If it is after hours and we are not available, please leave your name, specialty (kitchen, bathrooms, plumbing, construction, remodeling etc.), return number and city and we will be glad to call you back and let you know if your area is already closed or if we have room to take you on.

------------------VERY IMPORTANT---------------


 Watch the Video Below & Learn
What a Billion Dollar Remodeling Manufacturer is Doing
To Survive in This Economy & The Advice That They Give
to Contractors Like Yourself...

This was a closed Door Meeting. You can only get this billion dollar advice HERE!

Call Now: 1-800-985-2749

Working With A Leader Makes The Difference

    As a leading provider of local online advertising and overall marketing strategy, I am responsible for the development of personalized contractor lead generating systems for all types of contractors.  I have the expertise and tools needed to help you reach prospects, and convert them into long-term customers. 

    I can confidently say I will do for you what quite possibly no one else has, and that is to get you to the place where you can effectively target your market with laser-like focus, get a measurable response and produce immediate or ultimate profit.

     Everything I do is 100% intentional, calculated, fully thought out, and personalized for your unique business and offering.  

    If you are looking for new business these are are some of the areas where we focus your campaigns:

  • Kitchen remodeling 
  • Bathroom remodeling 
  • Home additions
  • Home improvement
  • General contracting
  • Roofing
  • Windows
  • Siding
  • Renovations
  • And More.........

     When choosing a contractor lead generation company you want to know that you are getting what you pay for.  I will provide you with at least three referrals, once you decide you're ready to move forward, of owners like yourself who will confirm my ability to stuff your bank account with cash. 

     I distribute your advertisement across all performing search engines and online publishers. Working with me means that you will have 99% exposure online. I promote your Contractor business on the leading search engines and local sites like Google, Yahoo, MSN, ASK and the SuperPages, where people are actively searching for your Contractor services right now, real time.

     When someone clicks on your Contractor service advertisement, I send them to a landing page that my team builds for your Contractor business, which specifically encourages pre-qualified customers to act by picking up their phone to call you or to inquire online immediately.  

     We don't leave any money on the table.  Even if they are not ready to buy today, we will show you how to increase your chances of closing them when they are ready to spend.

     Your unique system will allow you to listen to your employees’ customer service calls and has often been used as a valuable sales training tool. 

     Your phone will ring with new business and I will show you how to track the success of your advertising every step of the way.  

 Fill out the form and gain instant access to the FREE video and hear what lead generators don't want you to know!

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1.    Develop Your Own Contractor Lead Generation System & Stop Buying Old 'Shopped' Leads.

          You can attract new business like a magnet and dramatically increase direct online clients to your Contractor services because I use the world’s largest websites such as Google, Yahoo, MSN and SuperPages to capture the searches of consumers.

ü      Google is the number one search engine in sixteen countries, including the United States, where it receives 63.5% of all search queries. In the U.S., Google has more than 113 million unique visitors and The Google Network reaches more than 380 million people worldwide. We partner with Google to generate new business for your company.

ü      Yahoo is number one in online reach in the U.S. with more than 129 million unique users, including 51 million active users who visit Yahoo every single day. In the U.S., Yahoo is the second most popular search engine, receiving 21.1% of all search queries.

ü      MSN attracts over 300 million monthly unique users worldwide and MSN Search is the third most popular search engine in the U.S., receiving 10.6% of all search queries.

ü      ASK has over 49 million unique U.S. users and is the fourth most popular search destination, receiving 5.2% of all search queries.

ü      SuperPages is a serious shopping directory portal generating 2.79% of all search queries.

          You can eliminate dependence on third-party leads and significantly cut marketing cost by no longer buying leads that are shopped to more than one company, thus dropping customer acquisition costs.

2.     Fresh, Real Time, Exclusive Leads, Generated By Your Own Landing Page, Which We Create For You At No Additional Cost.

·        I make search engine advertising easy by bringing online marketing within reach for your Contractor company, significantly easing the process of finding new clients, period. 

Don't trust any company that tells you to make your own site and allow them to market it for you.  If your site is not worded properly, it will FAIL!

·        Your Contractor company  will receive a comprehensive proven platform that successfully connects you with customers BECAUSE

ü    We separate the web-ads we create for you by the different services you offer that detail your expertise in specific categories.

ü    We handle your search engine advertising setup and management.

ü    We simplify your media buying across multiple search engines and online publishers.

ü    We provide you with performance tracking and call monitoring for training and development.

ü    We assist you in converting online searchers into valuable offline customers.

3.     Do You Know The Words That local Customers Are Using To Find Your Service?

·        My Team manages a portfolio of thousands of keywords that are relevant to the Contractor service industry.

      These are the words or terms people use to locate your Contractor services when searching online. When one enters a keyword, a number of your relevant ads are displayed. Consumers may or may not decide to click on one or more of your ads. Once clicked, the consumer is immediately directed to your website.

·        The  account management team manages the entire bidding and placement process for every keyword in your portfolio.

      Where your ads are positioned is vitally important to your R.O.I.   Keywords not heavily bid on but specific to your business are called “long-tail” terms. We take advantage of these less expensive key terms and build them into your portfolio for greater profitability, increasing your search engine, adverting R.O.I.

·        We have solved the problem of clicks vs. conversions.  The tool used tracks which keywords produce the most calls/emails and which the least. In doing so, we optimize your search campaign, putting your Contractor service marketing dollars behind what works.   


     Most search engine advertisers place an inordinate emphasis on the number of times their ads are clicked on, and are unable to discern the meaning behind those clicks and the site visits that follow. Thus, an advertiser may receive 1,000 clicks based on a specific keyword, and 1,000 clicks on another. What the advertiser does not know is which keyword prompted phone calls or emails and which did not. By operating in the dark in this manner it is easy to waste thousands of dollars all due to lack of knowledge.

------------------------------------VERY IMPORTANT------------------------------------

     My competitors that offer pay-per-click services miss a huge opportunity to provide you with added value services to help ensure sales, longevity, and the profitability of your business. You should evaluate them carefully before you proceed.

We offer more than just pay-per-click.

  1. Press releases that create awareness and jobs in your local market.
  2. A complete follow up sales system that makes closing business easy, fun and lucrative.
  3. Eight (8) specific things that you need to sky rocket your sales.  My competitor is totally missing out in this area and if they knew what we do, they would offer it tomorrow!
  4. The Four Factors of Impulse required to be in every online ad to achieve maximum success.

------------------------------------VERY IMPORTANT------------------------------------

·        Call Monitoring

     Perhaps the service that will appeal to you is the fact that we offer recording of phone calls for training and development. With most media advertisers, they have no idea where their responses are coming from. You will  know exactly where those dollars are going and what they’re producing. We deliver campaign activity reports to you seven days a week.  Each daily report features the phone number of the caller, a recording of each call, the call duration and, in the case of e-mails, the sender’s name and e-mail address.


4.    How Important is High Quality Leads to Your Sales?

     My account managers use proprietary technology (algorithms) to efficiently manage your Contractor services online spending.  It  provides you with the ability to fine tune your campaign and start getting maximum results for the lowest cost. The benefits are as follows:

·        Increased Quality Traffic:

    Visitor landscape reports provide you the ability to see unique visitors over a specific period of time. With this knowledge we will increase the quality of traffic to your Contractor company site, and eliminate low-quality traffic that results in wasted advertising spend.

    • Visitor landscape report  

    This is beneficial if and when you are ready to do some targeted direct mail.  We can tell you the street that each potential client lives on who visited your site.  If you have a large number of activity in one zip code, we can supplement your online advertising with direct mail to get maximum returns. 


Campaign Performance:

    If you have read this far you should be made aware of some of the most important pieces of information regarding your online campaigns such as:

·        Keyword Effectiveness: There are keywords that generate quality traffic, and then there are negative or ineffective keywords that you don’t want to promote.  Below is a snapshot of price per keyword and most importantly the volume of people that searched for your Contractor services per month.  

Increased Distribution:

    As you can see in the diagram below, Google is the leader in this space.  This is why we start your campaign here first.  Once we have a successful campaign we can move you to the other search engines.


Leads Management

    Wouldn't it be nice to know everyday, any minute of the day, how well your online campaign is doing.  We make this very easy for you with the ability to view your campaign activity in real time.  The green bars are visits, blue bars are calls, and pink are emails.

5.    What Does All This Mean To Your Bottom Line?

            We help contractors get consistent profitable results with a proven methodology of providing relevant, reliable, consistent calls. By increasing your R.O.I (return on investment), we save you time and money, while leaving tremendous opportunity for new choices in the marketplace.

     With the use of technology, and a deep understanding of your business' needs, we have turned search engine advertising into a science. By researching the keywords consumers employ, the search engines they use, the time of day they search, and the geographic location they search from, we determine the most optimal positions and valuable keywords to ascertain the quality and value of each click for you.

     The result is an efficient, measurable, and cost effective method of increasing your business. You will be able to access the reporting and analytics (demonstrated above) through your own personal platform.

6.     LOW COST Investment

     Dollar amounts are predicated on search volume, ad copy, service offerings, market conditions, and how much new business your contractor company can handle.  Consequently, budgets may vary.

     We do not require you to be obligated for more than 90 days and for this reason it is critical that we show you measurable success. My reputation depends on your success and I will employ best practice procedures to make sure your company's search engine advertising campaign is successful.

It takes at least 90 days to reach the full potential.  You may raise or lower your budget at any time. We hope that we may earn your business and trust, and look forward to a successful business relationship with you.

7.     The Execution

ü      Time frame is 14-21 business days from the initial payment and receipt of full documentation to develop a successful campaign.     

8.    Monopolize Your Market

     Is it possible to monopolize your market?  Maybe not 100%, but you can defiantly be the leader in your field and own a majority share.  We have a systematic and measurable approach to increasing your share of the customers. 

 Fill out the form and gain instant access to the FREE video and hear what lead generators don't want you to know!

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“I am amazed!” - Theodore

“Kip, when I first saw the site and all that you shared, I thought "there must be a catch."  I am so glad you decided to work with me. I went from start-up to generating over $6k a month in profit in less than 90 days.”

 Allied Medical, Inc. 

Motorized Wheel Chairs

Newark, NJ

"Now that's results!" - Mike

     Our business is in the home improvement industry. Specifically, the garage organization segment. I had a very specific need to increase the lead activity in our company. I was looking to hire some external expertise to help us. I went to the internet to search for potential companies that could help. I searched many different types of keywords to try to find the right organization.

     I came across many companies that wanted to sell me marketing services for strategic planning, business plan development, etc. Then, I found Kip Charles through his website. I clicked the Google link and was sent to Kip's website. His opening header grabbed my attention and I read his entire website...almost word for word. 

     He described the exact problem I was trying to solve. I entered my contact information on a Sunday evening and I received a call from Kip first thing Monday morning. I spoke with Kip via the phone, I went to his office and I spoke to other reference clients. 

     I chose Kip because I perceived him to be unique from the other search engine marketing companies. Kip was not solely focused on managing the pay-per-click dollars, rather he focused on the entire process of understanding our target audience, the strengths and weaknesses of our business and helped us develop ways to uniquely position our company in our target market. 

     This was to help educate the buyer to make the right decision. After we signed the agreement, the real work started. Kip was at our office within 2 days and the process started. It took 3 weeks to develop the message and build the website and it was well worth it. Within 1 hour of our lead generation website going live we received 2 leads. A website hit and a call to the 800 number. 

We set an appointment to meet a customer with the exact problem that we solve. Now that's results. We are just getting started, but I am looking forward to even greater results soon.

Mike Leibowitz


Managing Director


Designer Garage P.A.

Priceless Resource” – Stacy G.

“Kip, as a stay at home mom running a home-based business, I never imagined that I could be making so much money. Your big thinking and in-depth knowledge has transformed my family’s income a 100 times over. Thank you!”

Divine Designs, Inc.  

Premiums & Promotions

Allendale, NJ

 “Worth hundreds of thousands to me…” – Kenneth E.

“Kip, your desire to see me succeed was evident from the moment we met.  I could not believe that you spent a few days at my location working directly with me to ensure that the business model created for my business was functioning correctly. My company is generating more than 7 figures today and it’s because you took the time to get involved with every aspect of my business. God bless you!”

Exodus Equipment, LTD.

Heavy Equipment Exporter

Morristown, NJ

He is a miracle worker!” - Fausto D.

“I own a garage in NYC. I never thought a service like this would make much of a difference for my type of business. What kip did with my database and the direct marketing campaign he implemented in my organization has sent my sales through the roof! I am very grateful.”

Jamie’s Foreign Car Service, Inc.

NYC, New York

“Truly a Professional.” - Michael

“Kip has reminded us that it’s o.k. to try new things and reach for higher heights. Every time we followed Kip’s lead, we have seen a return on our investment. Thanks for your detailed instruction and direction!”

Demoya and Associates

Attorneys at Law

Rockland County, NY


“Hard Working.” - Nick

“Kip participated in the sales process every step of the way, making sure that if I missed a lead he would be there to follow up.  He went far above and beyond the call of duty to ensure my success.”

Paragon Pools & Spas


Rockland County, NY